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Back in 2009 I finally took up painting again after too many years of never having the time. Since then I've exhibited my paintings several times.


Just my art

2017 Bokskåpet, Göteborg

2017 Galleri Engleson, Göteborg
2015 Stadsbiblioteket, Nyköping

2015 Bokskåpet, Göteborg

2011 Be my cupcake, Göteborg

2011 Artspace + Us, Göteborg

2009 Kolla Kolla, Göteborg


With other artists

2021 Tomarps Kungsgård, Kvidinge

2017 Dergårdsgalleriet, Lerum

2017 Göteborgs Bildverkstad, Göteborg

2016 Bild Berättande Bok,

Stadsbiblioteket, Göteborg
2016 A Showroom, Göteborg
2014 Konstfack, Stockholm

2014 Bokskåpet, Göteborg

2013 Galleri Garage, Göteborg

2012 Galleri Garage, Göteborg

2012 Urban Artroom, Göteborg



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